Rita Zachelmayer (°1974, Hudson Valley, NY)

Rita Zachelmayer’s artistic inspiration began at a very young age. She was immersed in music and art, encouraged by her mother who was also an artist.

Rita Zachelmayer is an incredibly inspiring artist, who has been creating art since she was a young girl. Her passion for classic and ancient geometric mosaic art, AR/VR art, generative art, graphic art, multi media artwork, painting, photography, cinematic orchestration, and sculpture, has won her many awards throughout her school years.

Her unique approach to art is a combination of merging different universes into one, using a visual vocabulary to reach her audience in a multi-layered way.

Her work is based on the idea of function following form, and often involves time and space to create a utopian, experiential universe.

Rita's art is a beautiful representation of the environment around her, and is a testament to her dedication and hard work.

This artist's works are fascinating.

By combining elements of aleatoric processes with her own creative vision, she creates captivating images that explore spiritual references and the possibility of shifting identities.

Themes of time and memory are often present, as well as symbolism and analogies, making her compositions unique and thought-provoking.

Her works are also recognizable for their meticulous finish and the sense of peace and awe they evoke.

It's clear that this artist has a special talent for creating art that speaks to the soul and reflects the beauty of our existence.


Rita Zachelmayer currently lives and works in Hawaii