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For us to manifest anything of substance, we must first imagine or dream it. Everything is born out of the womb of the non-manifest to arrive in your imagination, to be received by it, and coagulate into your thoughts. You are in charge of your destiny and what you think you deserve to experience in this lifetime. Through your inspired belief, focus, and continued earnest effort to nurture and grow your fullest potential with patience, you are now ripe.

I help you to look deeply into your world of work and review those projects and moments where you felt most alive, inspired, capable, absorbed and joyful. To look at where you need to apply yourself fully and feel the joy in the doing of it- and doing it well and to your fullest competency.

Your vision of life must be nurtured. The situations and circumstances may not be ideal, with few skills and resources, yet with consistent, tender loving care and pruning they will grow stronger and see daylight.

The delicate shoots of ideas and possibilities will flower.

There are times when we must move past our fears and step into a universe of trust- trust in the natural flow of abundance. Remember there is never any shortage of resources; they simply need to be channeled in the right direction. In essence our job is to fully show up and move and inspire people through what we do and how we are in life. I have discovered when we become intensely interested and intimately involved with life, it becomes intensely intimate and involved with us. When we can generously offer life our very best just for the joy of it happening, life begins to offer us the very best back, almost always in unexpected and delightful ways.

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