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I will be building a interactive Sri Yantra titled

“The Universal Doorway Of Magnetic Love”.

It will have kaleidoscope type mechanisms through the lighting; a viewing platform to accommodate more than one person and also be handicap accessible.

It will include hand gesture control and also voice recognition units with a smile trainer and be set up to receive the reactions of individuals using it.

It is part of a experiment on positivity to be able to change your thoughts and open up to new ideas with a sort of rewiring of the brain through sight, sound, movement, color, and smiling.

Inviting the viewers to move into a space of repose.

This ancient symbol is very powerful. It is built with sacred geometry allowing it to clear the fog that surrounds a persons life. It is the source of pure energy, highly sensitive and has magnificent magnetic powers.

It is a divine store house of energy which picks up particular cosmic waves emitted by the planets and other universal objects.

It transforms these waves into positive vibrations which are then transmitted to the surroundings where the Sri Yantra is placed, cleaning all energies of negativity.

Art is a source of imagination and transformational.

The world will change, not instantly but through art by it’s gentle and ponderous swell into the active part of our brains survives to tell the story.

The scales are tipping

Let us level up

Join me on this art




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If you would like to be a part of this project as a collective please do not hesitate to contact me. If you would rather help fund this, again please do not hesitate. Your name will be on the project.


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“Universal Doorway Of Magnetic Love” project