A little ancient



The Purgatory Rabbit

There is an invisible universe within the visible one, a world of causes within the world of effects. there is force within matter, and the two are One, and are dependent for their existence on a third, Which is the mysterious cause of their existence. There is a world of Soul within a world of matter, and the two are One, and caused by the world of spirit. And within these worlds are other worlds, visible and invisible ones. Some are known to modern science, of others she does not even know that they exist; for, As the material world of suns and planets and stars, The worlds of animate and inanimate beings, From man the Lord of creation down to the microscopic world with its countless inhabitants, can only be seen by him who is in the possession of the powers necessary for their perception, Likewise the world of the soul and the realms of the spirit Can only be known to him whose inner senses are awakened to life. The things of the body are seen through the instrumentality of the body, But the things of the soul require the power of spiritual perception.